Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blond Ambition (2007?)

A reader sent in a link to some photos of Jessica Simpson on the set of a film apparently in production entitled "Blond Ambition." Based on the fascinating photos from the set posted here, I am waiting with baited breath to see if this film is an application of The Law. I'm leaning heavily towards loser at the moment. What's with the kneepads?


Max said...

These photos are lame - she looks like she needs training wheels. Plus, PERVERT!

Simone said...

She definitely looks like she has no clue how to ride a bicyle. A quality which may or may not qualify her as a loser.

Though, I think the name of her new hair extension venture is certainly loserish: Hair U Wear.

John S. Allen said...

From the photo, it looks as though she doesn't know how to mount and dismount -- she's still trying to get onto her little-kid tricycle, sitting on the saddle with both feet off the pedals. That will make for some real teeth-gnashing from me if anyone could get me to watch this sick trick chick flick.